Sunday, June 21, 2009


So Trig has reflux. He started not eating as well recently and the doc actually wants to start seeing him eat MORE, so we knew there was a problem. Sometimes he'd hardly take an ounce and fuss the whole time. I called the doc and the nurse practitioner told us to bring him in Luckily, Baker was home Friday afternoon so he got to go to the doc with us. She thinks it's reflux and I think he's actually had it all along so I'm glad he's on meds for it now. There has been a dramatic improvement in his eating since then! He seems a lot more comfortable now. The meds are kinda expensive but they're working so it's worth every single penny.

In other news we went to the drive in movie theater last night and saw Year One and The Hangover. Yep, both. And the first one didn't even start until 9:30! We made it! I had to drink a giant diet coke to make it but I did. Year One wasn't so awesome, but it was okay, but the Hangover was hilarious. It was a fun date night. Plus, the drive in is great because we can bring Trig in his carseat, I can feed him when he needs and pump when I need to. It was highly successful, we'll have to do that again.

And... today is Baker's FIRST FATHER'S DAY! Happy Faither's Day to a wonderful Dad. Trig and I are so blessed to have him in our lives.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

4 Month Triggy

That's about as happy as we could get him on Monday after those 4 month shots :) Happy 4 months, Trig!

All about the hands...

So I have to talk about this developmental stage right now because it is SO cute and I know it will be over soon and onto something else.

Trig is SO into his hands right now. Not looking at them (we're not there yet) but playing with them. I mean he doesn't stop playing with his hands! And he LOVES sticking both of them in his mouth at the same time. Very cute - but he is always doing it, even when he wants to eat, so I have a hard time getting the bottle/breast in his mouth with his hands in the way and when he can't suck, he cries because he's hungry! And, if you hold his hands down, he gets mad about that, too. It's made feeding time very interesting at the King household, particularly at 3am....

In other news, I was awakened by Baker at 5:30am this morning to my worst breastfeeding/pumping nightmare. Our freezer in the garage was OPEN, yes, OPEN, with my entire freezer stash of breastmilk in it. I have no idea how that happened. So I transferred all of it to our freezer inside (I CANNOT BELIEVE IT FIT) and it's freezing now. I shut the door of the freezer outside and guess what - it's working now. We couldn't get it to close this morning so we thought it was broken, but it is cooling well now. There must have been something in the way of the door closing.

I have done a lot of googling on whether or not my stash is still good and it looks like I may actually be in luck - as long as there was at least some slush in the bags, they can be refrozen. Just to be safe, I'll have to do the smell/taste test on all of the bags from now on but that's worth saving the stash. I'd have to count it but my guess is that there are over 1000 ounces of breastmilk in there. Precious, hard earned stuff. I'm not going to sacrifice it unless I have to - because with that amount, I can continue with breastmilk for Trig for probably a month or more. So when I get sick of hooking up to a pump and/or just can't do it anymore for another reason, I have a backup. Thank GOD Baker noticed it this morning, I think it's salvageable. I'll have to see on a bag by bag basis. And, the freezer isn't broken, apparently, so that's good news as well. Still not a fun thing to wake up to.... Baker said "something kinda bad happened" and since Trig is okay, the world is fine, but losing his food was not a fun thing to face.

Going to transfer the milk back to the outside freezer now since Trig is napping. I'll probably obsessively check that freezer from now on. Ugh.

Monday, June 15, 2009

4 month shots - ouch!

We went to the pedi today to get our 4 month shots! The stats:

Weight: 9lbs 13oz
Height: 21.25 inches
Head circumference: 39cm

Way to go Trig! Doing great!

The pedi is pleased but wants him to continue with the high calorie breastmilk, so pumping for me will continue. She also recommends that he not begin solids of any kind, not even rice cereal, until he's 4 months adjusted which will put him at 6 months. That makes total sense to me, his insides need time to mature.

She also said that Trig is like a normal 4 month developmentally in her opinion. According to the questionnaire that I filled out identifying his developmental milestones, he's at 4 months 1 week developmentally. She also agrees with that. I am going to go with her opinion for two reasons 1) I like it better and 2) She has seen him every 2-3 weeks since he was 2 months old, so she knows him better than a small "snapshot" of Trig's behavior. Not to say that the developmental assessment was not useful - they're going to follow him and make sure he's progressing appropriately - but it seems like he's developing better than they think. That's GREAT news. Yay for Baby Trig!

Anyway, then he had to have his 4 month shots. He was not happy about that and cried, poor little guy. Slept a lot for the rest of the day and I gave him Tylenol for a minor fever, but no big problems, thank goodness!

4 months old TODAY! So exciting. I'll post a pic when I figure out how to use this new computer :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Developmental Assessment

So Triggy had his developmental assessment yesterday at Happy Day School here in Ravenna. The place is great and they do the early childhood intervention stuff and it's also for the developmentally delayed all the way through 21 years of age or so. I was impressed.

Anyway, they had an occupational therapist, a physical therapist, and a speech therapist look at him, as well as his case worker from the county and his Happy Day School case worker. Trig had a regular entourage for his assessment. He was on his best behavior, flirting with everyone. They actually said that the babies they see are always cute but that he was particularly cute :) He cooed and played with everyone. They said he is doing great, functioning at just above 3 months, which is just behind his actual age and above his adjusted age. They were just looking for him to function according to his adjusted age so he's doing great. I was proud. The only thing that they said was that he doesn't want to look to the right. I was like, wow, I never noticed that! They gave me information on how to get him to look to the right and work on his tightness. Well, as soon as we got home, he turned his head to the right all the way. Clearly, he favors looking to the left but I don't think he has issues looking that direction. It's all a matter of motivation. All in all, it went really well, and he will be assessed again in August to make sure that all is well.

In other news, we found a babysitter for him! Not that I have any particular need but I wanted to find someone just in case I need someone. Baker is going to be studying a lot and if I need to get out for any reason, I'll need someone. Anyway, we went over to her house and met with her - she's great and inexpensive to boot. I am so glad that we have someone that I would feel comfortable leaving Trig with for a few hours (mom's night out! Wooohoo!)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Trig Smiling/Laughing

Little Triggy has started smiling a LOT and has even started laughing more and more. It's hard to catch on tape, but we got a little of it here.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Spinal ultrasound = good

Everything went well with the spinal ultrasound. Trig was NOT happy about being on his tummy and cried the whole time. I finally had to hold him and calm him down so that the ultrasound tech could get the pictures she needed. I felt so bad for him! He was just frustrated. Baker walked in and that helped him calm down as well. We had lunch together but then he had to run to a lecture. At least we got to see each other, even if it was only for like 2 seconds!

In any case, I got a phone call from the pedi's office that everything is clear! YAY! Haven't heard from the urologist that ordered the thing. Gotta love my pedi. She's the best.

I'm feeling better but not 100%. Nothing going on tomorrow so I will get some resting done and hopefully I'll feel better this weekend!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It's an ear infection...

Yep, I have an ear infection. At Baker's suggestion, I went to the doctor this evening and was diagnosed with otitis media and sinusitis. Ear infection and stuffy nose. But now I'm on antibiotics and hopefully, I'll get better really fast.

Tomorrow we go for that spinal ultrasound for Trig - here's hoping it goes well!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I'm sick! Boo.

Yep, I'm sick. And Baker is on call. I'm just worried that Trig will get sick! I hope he doesn't, I am trying to be vigilant about keeping my hands clean and I've given him pumped breastmilk that hopefully has the antibodies from this illness, but of course I still worry. So please, Trig, don't get sick! And man do I hope I get well soon - stuffy head, headache, sore throat, cough, ringing in the ears, it sucks. Seems I got Baker's illness - I thought I was in the clear because it's been several days, but no such luck.

So I joined a Mom's Club group, YAY! It's really nice to be able to get out and socialize with other moms, particularly since I don't really have many friends with kids yet. They're a great group of women and Trig loves going to the playdates and watching the other kids.

The group has also been good with getting me out of the house - I've decided that I need to do at least one thing a day, and get out of the house to do it, to stay sane. And so far it's working! It just helps to break up the monotony of the pumping and stuff.

Well, I gotta go to bed and get through this evening - thankfully, this is Baker's last call for awhile.

I was watching "Knocked Up" last night and something on that movie rang SO true for me. One of the characters gets caught sneaking out to hang out with his friends and lying to his wife about it. He's talking to another friend about the situation, feeling really stupid about the whole thing and says to him "She loves me sooooo much. The biggest problem in our marriage is that she loves me soooo much that she wants me around ALL the time." That's the biggest problem in our marriage, I'd say, is that we both want to be around each other all the time and that's just not possible. I wish that we could both be stay at home parents but that's just not how life works, is it? Oh well, we just do the best we can.