Monday, June 27, 2011


So we have joined a pool for the summer and we are trying to teach Triggy to swim and get Grayson used to the water. Trig gets really excited (sometimes overly so) about swimming and he plays really hard when he's at the pool. Grayson seems to be a natural in the water - he really enjoys it and doesn't mind being on his belly, back, kicking his legs, blowing bubbles, etc. Of course this is just part of his personality - he is an easygoing kid (unless he's hungry or tired!).

So we have already made great strides with Triggy - we got him some floaties and he loves swimming with them. He still hasn't understood that he needs to have his legs behind him but given that this was his first day with floaties, I am impressed. Enjoy the video!

Friday, June 24, 2011

End of Intern Year!

So Baker's intern year is over (well, it will be in the next few days). We went to a very fun resident graduation dinner, here we are!

We had a great time and it was so fun to get dressed up and have a date!

The kids are doing well. Grayson seems to have gotten over his ear infection and is finally eating well again. He lost a little weight there from not wanting to eat! He's now up to 17lbs 10oz so I am not so worried anymore. Still a little guy but that puts him a full pound heavier than his brother was at 1 YEAR. I am impressed. Maybe Grayson won't be so tiny?

Trig is doing well, too. We finally convinced his family doc to put him on appetite stimulants and it was an overnight success, literally. He tries new things and can even eat with a spoon and fork. Craziness. So clearly it is a hunger issue, not a behavioral issue so I cancelled speech/feeding therapy. That will be easier on our pocketbooks for sure. Anyway he has gained a full pound and change since he started appetite stimulants and it has only been about 2 weeks.

Trig also said goodbye to ECI - no more speech, physical, dietary, or occupational therapy. He has caught up and is no longer eligible. YAY for my little Triggy! We knew he would catch up.

The area that he is NOT catching up is height and weight. Before he started appetite stimulants, he had neither gained weight nor gotten taller in 4 months. Bad news but perhaps good news for when we go to the endocrinologist and he will see his lack of growth and hopefully put him on growth hormone. Still crossing fingers on that one because I think he really needs it.

Enjoy the cuties!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Picture post

Chillin' in my upstairs playroom with my Daddy

At the park

Fun at Gymboree!

Park with Mommy

I love Daddy's iPad


My girlfriend Avery

Mommy and Daddy out for once!

Hanging out at Momo's

I love the sippy cup!


Hey Mimi!

Grayson loves Momo

This patio needs raking

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Friday, June 3, 2011

Fun at Aerial

So we go to Aerial Athletics every Friday morning and the kids love it. Well, Trig does for sure, and Grayson is just now getting old enough to appreciate it. Here's a video that we took this morning. The other really fun one wouldn't upload boo....

I wish I could take a video of Grayson babbling or Trig saying "Bless You, Mommy". Must work on that!