Saturday, March 27, 2010


So to begin with, I had an OB appointment on Wednesday with an ultrasound to check on the baby and the state of my cervix to make sure things are closed. Baker, Trig and I all went to the appointment on Wednesday 3/24. Trig was a fussy boy but was good for the most part as long as he was allowed to crawl around on the floor and explore :). The baby looked great, measuring right on time for my 9/7 due date, all was good with my cervix and, in bigger news...

IT'S A BOY!!!! A BOY!!!!

My instinct was totally wrong so for those of you who think that your pregnancy is totally different from your boy or girl pregnancy, it DOESN'T mean that it will be the opposite sex! I was way sicker with this baby, the heartrate was MUCH lower with this baby than with Trig, lots of things were different. But, this one is a boy just like Triggy! I'm very excited that Trig will have a little brother. And, although I will buy some things, I'm sure, I don't have to buy a whole new wardrobe for a girl :)

And then, later that day, Trig had an appointment with the ENT. Baker wasn't able to come to this one, he had to work. So, at the appointment, the doc had Trig go for a hearing test and a test to see how much fluid there was in his ears. Turned out that there was still some fluid in his left ear but there was a ton in his right, so ENT decided that tubes were the answer. Given that the ears seemed to be bothering Trig, I asked how quickly it could be done, and he said, how about tomorrow? So we got scheduled for surgery the next day, Thursday 3/25. Mind you I had to make this decision all by myself because Baker was unreachable - his iPhone screen was messed up (which he got fixed, ask him about it, he'd love to tell you the story!).

So I had to keep him from eating all day, and he wasn't even allowed to have anything except pedialyte after 12:30pm. We got there at 1:45 and he was brought in for surgery at 3:20pm or so - ahead of schedule! I went down and got something to eat from the cafeteria and as soon as I got back, the ENT came out to say that Trig had done great. Got all the fluid out of both ears and cleaned out some residual stuff from his ear infection. We were able to see him soon after and he was so MAD! Poor Triggy was so agitated after waking up from surgery and totally disoriented. They had all kinds of monitors on him and he tried to pull all of them off. He even succeeded in pulling out his IV (although it wasn't taped in very well). He finally calmed down after a bottle and we were taken to the second stage of recovery. We weren't there for very long at all before he was discharged and we went home. He went down for a nap fairly quickly.

Unfortunately, I think he has a cold right now although the nurse that called to check on him said that drainage after this surgery is normal. Still, he's coughing and his nose is runny, but just clear stuff. So, we're taking care of a fussy baby and I hope he feels better soon.

Big week, huh? :)

Here are some ultrasound pics:

Getting ready for his tubes surgery

Night out with my Mom's Club!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


BIG day today - Baker matched at University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio in Anesthesia - first choice! We're very very excited. Enjoy some pictures of match day!

Baby #2

So in case you didn't see the end of Trig's birthday video, we are expecting baby #2 due September 7! I thought I'd start this little survey to document my pregnancy.

How far along? 15 weeks 2 days
Total weight gain/loss: about +5lbs I think
Maternity clothes? yep! Maternity jeans!!
Stretch marks? nope
Sleep: have some insomnia, hard to go to sleep at night
Best moment this week: Match Day!
Movement: not yet
Food cravings: anything sweet!
Labor Signs: some contractions already. Ugh.
What I miss: Having energy
What I am looking forward to: Finding out the sex, hopefully next week!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ears okay...

So we took Trig in to the doc yesterday to check his ears. He's been fussy for the last few days and I was worried it's his ears. His ears are apparently still filled with fluid but are still getting better. We'll see the ENT next week and see what he has to say.

In other news, he's going through some kind of huge growth spurt or something because he quit sleeping through the night in favor of waking at 4:30am for a bottle. And I'm talking he CHUGS a bottle. It isn't all that fun but he clearly is very very hungry. I hope that this doesn't go on forever!

All the eating has paid off, though, he weighed 18lbs4oz at his appointment yesterday! He's really gaining quickly, go Trig!

One more thing - Happy St. Patty's Day! And Happy Birthday to Pop-Pop!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Doing better!

I just wanted to post quickly and say that Trig is doing much much better. Almost himself! AND he is eating like crazy. Unfortunately, he has taken to waking at night to eat again. I chalk that up to the fact that he didn't eat for a week but I sure do hope that it stops at some time soon.

He had a checkup with the pediatrician on Thursday and he weighed 17lbs 10oz - yay!!! Also wanted to mention that they measured him in the hospital at 28.5 inches so that's like 3/4 of an inch longer than at his 1 year checkup. I'm thinking that whoever did his height and weight that day must have been WAY stingy.

So he's doing okay now except we're going to continue to watch the ears. There's still lots of fluid in them and we've got to make sure that resolves.

In other news, he has the meanest most awful diaper rash ever! Well, not really, but he certainly is in pain. His little bottom is so red and he cries when he poops. So, we've been letting him run around without a diaper to dry it out and just cleaning up the mess when it happens, it's crazy how much that boy pees! It seems to be helping. Also, Baker went out and got every diaper rash cream known to man. First up - Triple Paste. We'll see how that works!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Trig's First Illness

And it's a big one. A big big one. Where do I start? Basically, Trig did not recover from his ear infection and did not seem to be doing better. I decided that if his nighttime wakings burning with fever didn't end by overnight Saturday night, I would call the pediatrician and see what to do. Well, we called the pediatrician on Sunday morning and of course, it wasn't his doc on call and this doc was basically like, it's your decision on whether or not to take him to the emergency room. She even said "I would hate for you to pay the copay, but we're not open and can't see him". Um, if I am worried about him enough to call on the weekend, do you think I am that worried about the copay? Ugh. Mind you I have NEVER called the pediatrician after hours.

So I decided that we would be going to the ER. Once there, Baker saw that a resident he knew was rotating there so he requested him. The guy was really nice and took great care of us! We were so appreciative. So we saw the attending who suggested a cat scan (!!!) and we were like whoa, isn't this going a little far? But we went with it. Good thing we did, because after it was over, the resident came in and said "Well, the CT told us what is wrong". My heart dropped. I was thinking brain tumor (though I know that had nothing to do with his symptoms but I was just thinking, he had a CT, what did they find??). Every sinus of his little head was infected. So Trig was admitted to the hospital immediately for IV antibiotics. He was such a trooper - he had to have an IV and sleep in the hospital and deal with all the poking and prodding. We stayed until Tuesday morning. He was released because he really was doing better, but according to our pediatrician, his ears were NOT looking better, though the ENT that we consulted did not think it was time to intervene. When I was holding little Trig waiting for Baker to bring the car around, I knew in my heart that we shouldn't be leaving the hospital but I thought I was being an overprotective mother and didn't say anything. That was a mistake I regret.

We went home and Trig just went downhill. He refused to eat, he slept 20+ hours per day, and was generally miserable when he was awake. Finally on Wednesday I took him back to the pediatrician who confirmed that his ears were no better and worried that he was getting dehydrated. She sent us for bloodwork. She called later that evening to say that the bloodwork showed that he was a bit dehydrated but not critical, so she suggested that we go and see the ENT the next day to see what he thought. Well, the ENT was still not interested in doing anything but changing his antibiotic and I was very frustrated. I seriously considered taking him directly to the emergency room. On the way home from that appointment, though, our wonderful pediatrician called and discussed everything with me at length. After a good long conversation, it was decided that he would be readmitted to the hospital for rehydration and bloodwork to figure out what is going on with this little boy.

So we were admitted on Thursday evening (after I let Trig take a good nap at home). He was immediately started on IV fluids after one serious battle to get an IV line in him. Many many people tried at many many IV sites but his little veins kept blowing. So, they eventually called the "transport team" to get the IV - yep, that's the helicopter team that has to start IVs on helicopters. Wow. We did finally get the IV in and at least they didn't have to resort to his legs or head for a site.

On Saturday, we met with another ENT who recommended steroids to help his ears. We were very pleased to hear of SOMETHING that might help, since the other ENT wasn't willing to do anything. So, when our original ENT came to check on Trig totally unannounced, it was a very awkward situation because he said he saw that the other doc had visited and wasn't sure why, blah blah blah and told the nurses to take the other doc off the case. weird. So when he left, we made it clear to the nurses that we DID want to keep the new ENT on the case. They were like, yeah, that's awkward, don't worry, we don't even have the authority to take him off the case! So weird. Sorry, dude, people get 2nd opinions, don't take it so personally!!!

Unfortunately, being in the hospital was hell on earth for all of us. Poor Trig became scared to death of the crib in the room and would scream every time we put him in it. We had to listen to him cry until he would fall asleep. He was just so scared of people coming in and poking at him, which happened a whole lot. They were always taking vitals and poor Trig didn't know the difference between that and the stuff that would be painful. I stayed with Trig every night on this little couch in the room and, for the most part, got up to help when they took vitals and changed diapers. I sent Baker home each night even though he protested - I thought it best that ONE of us get some sleep and I could just not bear the thought of leaving Trig. My thinking was that Baker would be more fresh during the day and I could lay down for a bit if I needed to. It was absolutely worth it to be there for Trig but I am TOTALLY exhausted and I need about 24 hours of straight sleep to recover, I think!

The longer we were in the hospital, the more hellish it got for little Trig. He became more and more scared and got to the point where he wouldn't stop screaming. Luckily, we were released this morning and Trig is much happier at home. The problem we're having right now is that he is scared to drink from the bottle - not sure if it's a fear thing or if it hurts to suck or what, but he is doing a little better now that he's home as opposed to the hospital.

So here we are, hoping and praying that Trig's ears continue to improve because otherwise, we are headed for tubes. He really is doing much better at home so I have a good deal of hope and have a much better feeling this time than last time we left the hospital!

We're over the biggest and scariest part, I hope, but if you're reading, we sure could use continued good thoughts and prayers for Trig to do better and better. Thanks! :)