Friday, February 18, 2011

He's TWO!

So Trig is finally two years old. I can't believe it!
Eating went down the tubes again but he is talking up a storm. Yesterday was a wonderful moment when he said "I love you" and "bye bye" when I put him down for a nap. That's a far cry from not talking at all! He's obsessed with the concept of off and on and it's awesome because he knows how to apply it to all kinds of situations. He also literally just started saying "uh oh" yesterday and it really is the cutest thing ever when he says it.
And, Baker turns 30 tomorrow! Finally he's as old as I am :)
Wishing you a happy 30th, my love!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Almost 2!

So Trig is really nearing 2 years old. WOW! I can't believe he's almost 2!

Today Trig had a hearing test. He passed with flying colors and he was such a good boy when they were putting things in his ears and putting him in a soundproof room to play sounds to him. Really really good boy, I was proud. He is saying more and more words now so maybe he's going to catch up! I sure hope so. Now we know that his problem is not hearing so at least there isn't a physical reason for his speech delay, though I suspect as I have suspected all along that he actually did lose his hearing in a significant way around his first birthday which really affected things - I mean he was starting to say a few words then suddenly stopped and really didn't pick things back up until recently.

Eating is going better too. Well, it was, and then Triggy got sick and eating ceased. Poor thing has allergies and I think it turned into a bit of a cold. Grayson has the same thing. Doc prescribed loratidine (Claritin) for both of them and it seems to be helping to dry them up. I mean, poor Grayson has had a hard time sleeping because he can't breathe! I think that they're both doing better now. But Trig's eating has picked back up - he actually ate a LOT for him this afternoon.

Grayson and Trig both had checkups this week.

Grayson's 6 month stats - 13lbs4oz, 24inches, 17 inch head circumference. Not on the chart for height or weight but 33rd percentile for head. Exactly the same as his brother at this age, weird, huh????? He took his shots like a trooper. Was sleeping and fussy afterwards but otherwise no worse for wear.

Triggy was 21lbs6oz, 32 inches, 18.5inch head (also 33rd percentile or so). Not on the chart for weight by any stretch but barely on the chart for height! Yay! And of course on the chart for head, that's how my kids are, giant heads!

I think that's about it for the kids. I had a laporoscopy last week to get rid of my endometriosis. No biggie but I was out of the game for about a week. Much better now, yay! Baker is having his 30th birthday party tomorrow and it should be fun. Can't wait to give him his gift, hoping that he loves it.