Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

We went to a pumpkin patch last weekend and the kids had so much fun! It was an hour away but it was worth it.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Day in the life - Trig And Grayson

I thought I would post about what it is like to be Trig and Grayson these days.

Morning - Mondays are Gymboree, Tuesdays are Mother's Day Out (school), Wednesdays are playdate or kids club at the gym, Thursdays are school, Fridays we go to a gymnastics place called Aerial Athletics and the kids just run (or crawl) all over the place. Then they have lunch.

Naptime - can be anytime between 1 and 5 depending on the day. Trig is particularly unpredictable these days because he just transitioned to a big boy bed - he's really good about staying in the bed but I think it is just too thrilling for him so he stays awake for a long time before falling asleep. I put them both down at 1 or so but wake up time is pretty unpredictable.

Afternoon/Evening - depending on when the kids get up, they play before dinner and sometimes they don't. Dinner happens relatively early and we walk after dinner. We get out the double stroller and walk about 2 miles through our neighborhood and adjoining neighborhood. The kids (usually) like it and we get a chance for fresh air and a little exercise.

Bedtime - when we get home from a walk, it's time to play a little and have a bath. Throw two little boys in the tub after they run around naked while mommy and daddy try to catch them! After bathtime, mommy and daddy split them up to get dressed in their PJs. They meet in Triggy's room for teeth brushing and story time. Trig always listens intently to the story while Grayson crawls around the room like a silly little boy until he wears himself out so much that he has to go immediately to bed. After stories, they get split up again and Grayson goes to his room for a bottle, songs and rocking. Trig stays in his room to say prayers and sing songs like "Down at the Station", "Itsy Bitsy Spider", "Jesus Loves Me", "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", "I'm a Little Teapot", "This Little Light Of Mine", "ABCs", etc. He likes to play a silly little game where he strangles you until you play dead, and then he tells you to "SAY MILK!" and you say "MILK!" to surprise and scare him. It's really silly but very cute. Then when he finally gets into bed, he wants tummy rub back rub. Then he tells us to "go bye bye" so he can go to sleep.

I posted a video of the singing below, so here is a video of tummy rub:

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Trig Singing

Growth Hormone Stimulation Test

Trig had his stimulation test! I was so incredibly worried but he did so well. He was amazing.

We got there and they put emla cream on a few spots on his arms to make his skin numb for the IV. After he was numb, they put the IV in and gave him a shot of glucagon. He didn't like the shot but got over it quickly. I was worried about being on my own with him while all of this was going on but he did really well. He had blood draws every half hour for 180 minutes (3 hours). Cindy got there after she took Grayson to Mothers Day Out (thank you!) and Trig loved that Mimi was there. She brought a bunch of hot wheels that were Baker's when he was a kid. He lined them all up on the floor, and when he was done, he would line up the cars once again in a different line in an angle to the first line. We went back and forth to another procedure room with a fish tank in it. We read books. We played with Baker's iPad. He dropped his glucose level a bit and started acting woozy so one of the docs came and talked to us. He was really nice and told us a little bit more about the test and kind of reassured me that we would find a way to get Trig his growth hormone. That really was a relief to me. And then before we knew it, 3 hours had passed.

Trig was amazing. During his many blood draws, he sat very still and watched the blood fill the syringe. We called it "seeing red". Today he even said "go to the doctor and see red!". We keep asking him if he would go back to the doctor and he said "yeah". So I hope he is okay with going back on November 1st!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

First Words

Grayson says a few words now! His first one was "thank you" (???) and now he says "light" when you turn the light on and "juice" - he LOVES juice and will do anything to get it and carry it around in his mouth while he crawls.

No sign at all of walking. Seems like he is on the same track as his brother in terms of walking. At least to this point he is. Just like his brother, I believe he is capable of standing and walking but he refuses to do it. Even when I take his hands and walk with him he picks his feet up and refuses to do it. I am perfectly fine with it, he will walk when he feels like it, but just like his brother, I think he is also frustrated and does want to walk but won't try. It surprises me a bit that he's not interested in walking since he wants to do everything that his brother does. Hm, wonder when he will walk.

One of my current favorite things that he does is clap to "If you're happy and you know it". I think he is a smart cookie to know that the song is telling him to clap.

Trig had a setback in his growth hormone treatment - our insurance denied it, saying that they don't cover SGA (small for gestational age). So the doctor is going to try a new approach - a growth hormone stimulation test. Trig has to go in and have an IV placed and given several drugs to stimulate growth hormone production. I am hoping that this goes well and I hate that Trig will have to go through this. He is a tough little boy though. So he actually has two rounds of this - one next week and one in November. Boo. But hopefully we get the results we need in order for Trig to get his growth hormone.

Trig seems to be getting a little better at tolerating his little brother. I think it is better every day. He is okay with him unless he is mad - in which case he seems to want to take it out on his brother. He just doesn't understand how to channel his anger properly and I guess that describes most two year olds, right?

Baker is doing well - busy busy but he seems to be enjoying his work. When people hear about his schedule they wonder how I do it - being alone so much. And of course also wonder how Baker does it working so much. I think that things are so much better than they were last year that I am actually happy with how much I see him. It's better than it used to be for sure!

I am okay - I have been through a bit of a hard time lately but I am doing better. And to quote Forrest Gump - "That's all I've got to say about that."

Up ahead we have my birthday on the 24th (ack! I'll be 31!) Halloween on the 31st (one of my favorite holidays, if you can call it that) during which Baker has a week off! No particular plans, just hanging out together, but I am sure that we'll do some fun activities with the kids. I have some fun plans coming up with my Alliance group - love those ladies!!!

One of the fun things I am dealing with is a ganglion cyst - basically an area of inflammation on my wrist. It really hurts and I am going to see a doctor but I can't get in until early November. So frustrating. But hopefully I will get it taken care of soon after that. I had the same thing a few years ago and I had it removed. No big deal.

That's about it for now!