Friday, February 26, 2010

Trig's Birthday Weekend

So Trig, Baker and I all headed to San Antonio for Trig's birthday party on Saturday February 20th from 2-4pm. We had to get Trig up at 5am on Friday to get to the airport on time, and Trig wasn't happy about that. Actually, he did fine until we went through security at which point he threw up on me! Going through security! Trig never throws up, so I was like, what's wrong with Triggy? He acted fine, just tired, so I thought nothing of it. Then he slept the whole flight both flights, and I just thought he was worn out from getting up so early. Nope, he was sick, I just didn't know it. He was running fever all day. Even when we arrived in San Antonio, he was lethargic and just wanted to sleep, poor guy! In the evening, he seemed to feel better so we decided to go on with the party.

Even though Triggy didn't feel well, the party was good. Everyone had a great time, the food was great, everything was wonderful. Trig got some great gifts thanks to the wonderful guests! And of course I couldn't have done it without the help, love and support of the King family. Thanks to Cindy, Ronnie, Kari, Kelsey (and of course my wonderful husband!) for helping take care of Triggy, helping me set up, letting me use the house, and all of the support involved in helping this party to happen!

So when the party was over, mommy and Triggy were exhausted and had to nap. I basically spent the rest of the weekend in my PJs, I was so worn out. Then, we had to leave on Monday, and Triggy seemed better but not completely. Took him to the doc when we got home - DOUBLE EAR INFECTION. Poor thing, I had no idea and I flew with him! He's on antibiotics now but still had a fever last night and he's still asleep at 10:30am this morning! I'm going to keep a close eye on him today, we may be heading back to the doc. Also, at that appointment, Trig weighed 17lbs 9oz. Granted, he was wearing his clothes and diaper but it was a very light one-piece so I think that maybe Trig weighs more than we thought at his 1 year appointment. Also, his 8th tooth finally came in - next to his top teeth on the right side :)

So, we're doing okay back here in Ohio but we're buried under a foot of snow! Hopefully, the snow ceases soon!

Enjoy some pictures :)

Playground at the Nashville Airport

Opening Presents, but he's fussy

I could only get him to wear this crown for like 2 seconds...

Blowing out candles!

Hanging out in my car at my party

Isn't the cake great? It's just a plain cake with these wood animal things that I bought long before Trig was born!

Playing raspberry with Daddy

Hi, Mimi!

I love my wagon and peach tree from Aunt Lori and Uncle Joe!

Mommy and Triggy are so tired on the plane!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Trig's First Birthday Video

We made this video to celebrate Trig's first birthday and showed it at his party. Special surprise at the end, enjoy!!! :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

1 year stats

So Triggy had his 1 year pediatrician appointment today and here are the stats:

Weight 16lbs 10oz (less than 3rd percentile for his age and adjusted age)

Height 27.75 inches (5th percentile for his age and 10-25th for his adjusted age)

Head Circumference 45.5cm (25th percentile for his age and 50th for adjusted age)

Pediatrician isn't worried about his weight - she said that he will catch up at some point. She said she'd be more worried if he weren't growing but he is (obviously). I am frustrated that he doesn't weigh more but the kid just doesn't like to eat all that much. She did refer Trig for a dietary consult due to him being a "picky eater" so I need to make that appointment at Akron Children's Hospital.

Personally, I am ECSTATIC that he is on the chart for height. That is SO awesome to me, I am so proud :) Of course I am disappointed in the weight but at least my little man is getting tall!!! I didn't think we'd make the chart in anything (well, except for his giant noggin, of course).

In other news, the poor little man has pinkeye. I just feel so bad for him, it's just making him miserable. The doc gave him eyedrops, though, so hopefully those will start to help him quickly. His first real illness besides the reflux, of course, so we actually made it to 1 year without a sick visit but not much past that haha.

Just a few days ago, Trig finally started really babbling. He mostly says DADADADADA and YAYAYAYAYA. Right now, everything is DADA, except when he's really whining or crying, and you can distinctly hear him crying for his MAMA. But only when he's crying! Silly boy! No milestone that he has hit yet has made me as happy as hearing him babble. I can't wait to get it on video, it's the cutest and sweetest thing I have EVER heard.

So we're getting ready to head to San Antonio early on Friday morning for Triggy's birthday party on Saturday and we're so excited!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Triggy is 1 year old!

So Triggy turned one year old yesterday! We had a nice day together. He slept in for his mommy (YAY!) and after his morning nap, we went to a Mom's Club meetup at Sandy's house. We were celebrating lots of birthdays there, so we had cakes, candles, the whole thing. I need to get the pictures from the people that were taking pictures (I had my hands full with Trig) and I'll post them when I get them. He had his first bite of cake, which he enjoyed, but then when I gave him some icing he didn't like that! Trig had lots of fun and fell asleep in the car on the way home, then slept an additional 2 hours on top of that!!!

Then, later in the evening, it was clear that little Trig did not feel well. He had a little fever and maybe a little diarrhea, so we decided to skip the cake at home in favor of celebrating this weekend at his birthday party.

Triggy's Daddy and I reminisced about February 15th last year and looked at some videos of what he looked like when he was born (and even what Mommy looked like before Trig was born, YIKES!). After many hours of labor, he was finally born at 2:41pm on Sunday, February 15, 2009. (Note to future Mamas - try not to be in labor on Sundays - docs don't like to come in very quickly haha) He was so tiny but so beautiful all the same :)

Happy Birthday, Triggy. We love you!

Oh, and enjoy the new layout!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

ALMOST 1!!!!

So Trig is ALMOST 1 year old now. He's less than a week away. I can't believe it. I think back to last year at this time and I had no idea I was near the time that Trig would be born. I remember watching the Superbowl (though I was much more interested in the commercials and the Puppy Bowl), just over 30 weeks pregnant, thinking, wow, I've made it to 30 weeks, maybe I will go full term? That didn't happen. But, it was very good that we did make it to 32 weeks.

So were do we stand at 1 year? Well, it looks like walking isn't going to happen by 1 year. Not that I expected it with him being born 2 months early. I'm happy where he's at, personally - trust me, he gets around VERY fast and I can't imagine what it will be like when he's walking around. He is, however, cruising around the place. He's just not all that interested in standing on his own. He thinks crawling and pulling up are way too much fun.

He's got just about 8 teeth - the one on the top right is coming in now. So he's got lots of chompers to eat food! Still, he'd rather drink his bottles and he's a bit of a picky eater (see previous post). He hates the confinement of the high chair though it is a necessary evil - if he weren't in the high chair, there would be food ALL over the house, no doubt. He is very messy when he eats. He likes to squeeze food between his hands to see what it feels like, throw it to see what Mommy and Daddy will do, hit an incoming spoon full of puree, etc. I will say, though, that if he sees Mommy and Daddy eating something, he will eat it. But he cannot be fooled if we're not really eating it. He's a smart little boy!

Well, his 1st birthday party is coming up on February 20th in San Antonio. Those of you that can, we hope you come! It's going to be a blast. We just want to do something to celebrate this little man's first year of life.

More to come from his birthday!