Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I'm a really bad blogger

I know it has been too long. Let me break things down on how it's been going:

Overall, wonderful. Having two under two is REALLY FREAKING HARD but also awesome at the same time. Definitely the most challenging experience of my life but also the most wonderful as well.

Grayson - doing so good!!!! At last check on November 15th, he was 10lbs 6oz. Still 2nd percentile for weight but doing really well. He eats like a champ ALL THE TIME and in the last few days has slept from about 10pm to 5am. YAY! During the day he is not a sleeper but I think he is going through a bit of the 4 month wakeful since he is coming up on the 4 month mark. He just wants to be awake all the time unless he's right against me in the Moby or has just eaten. And he eats ALL THE TIME. I really mean that. He's big on the eating thing, unlike his brother! He is making all kinds of sounds and has rolled front to back and is really close to rolling back to front. He's really close!!! I couldn't be happier with his progress and he really is a great baby. I am very blessed to have a new baby with an excellent temperament, just like his brother. I am totally in love.

Trig - he's so great. He didn't walk until 19.5 months but now he walks like he was never delayed. He was in ECI for his walking problems but now the physical therapist says that she is no longer needed. She comes once a month to make sure that he continues to progress but she says that "he has done 6-8 months of physical development in about 2 weeks". Wow, huh? A friend of mine says it is the preemie "slingshot effect". So wonderful. He is still very speech delayed however. His reciprocal language is wonderful - in other words, he clearly understands everything we say. However, his expressive language is severely lacking - he can't actively communicate effectively. we're working on it! :) His feeding issues continue to be a very large problem, though. He still just won't eat, which is very frustrating. I have an appointment to see his doctor on Friday to deal with this stuff. I think he needs appetite stimulants and/or growth hormone at this point. We have tried everything and are in need of serious intervention so that he can achieve his full growth potential.

These kids are very very similar but also very different. They both don't like a pacifier and both value their beauty sleep. Grayson values his food much more than Trig EVER did :). They look a lot alike. They both don't enjoy the swing but love the playmat. They both hate tummy time which motivated the need to learn to roll over ASAP. They both tolerate the car until we're stuck in traffic or at a light - they're both like, hey, let's keep this thing moving! This is a short version of the list.

I am WAY behind on pictures. In this case, I'll have to refer you to my facebook page because I just uploaded a TON of pictures for your viewing pleasure. You can see some more pictures in the Trig and Grayson album, plus Thanksgiving pictures and even Grayson's baptism, which took place on Sunday.

Thanks for reading! I really should be better about this. Writing all of this down is somewhat cathartic! :)