Monday, January 24, 2011

More talking for Triggy!

So Triggy seems to be picking up more and more words. At least it seems like it. Some may sound funny but it is becoming clearer and clearer that he is trying to form words, repeat them, and is even jabbering. FINALLY! Some of his favorite words include clock, duck, truck (these all sound the same sometimes, though), grapes, off and on (A HUGE FAVORITE), Mimi, Daddy (but not Mommy, just mama, but only sometimes). I am sure there are more but it's late at night and my brain doesn't work. But I had to get it down on "paper" that Triggy is starting to improve. The point is that he is at least trying to say more words and communicate better. It's really great to see that he's finally making that effort and I think he will be happier when he can communicate better with his world.

In other news, I just made their doc appointments - Triggy's 2 year appointment and Grayson's 6 month appointment. Same day, I split the difference between their "birthdays" since they're not quite 18 months apart. I absolutely cannot believe that I have two children less than 18 months apart!!!

Also, Trig is eating more, I think. He is at least trying new things. Some things he doesn't like but at least he is TRYING them. He is really in love with bread right now. So we've expanded his list of favorite foods to include pizza, hot dogs, grapes, raisins, blueberries, banana bread, bananas (sometimes), bread, crackers, yogurt bites, and I think that's it for the absolute favorites. Sometimes there is a specific favorite on a specific day, and then it's not a favorite anymore. Like tonight he ate half of my BBQ sandwich. Probably because it had a lot of bread, but still. I think he is eating more consistently which is the most relieving thing. Like, if we sit down to a meal, Trig will eat at least SOMETHING. That really helps. Also it seems like drinking milk does not completely sabotage a meal. If he needs to drink milk, he will still eat food. It's not ideal to let him drink milk first but I say whatever we have to do to get through.

Ok it's late, nighty night.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Chugging along!

So I now have a 5 month old and a 23 month old. Time really really flies, doesn't it? I almost have a two year old!!! One more month from today!

Trig is doing well. I think he is starting to pick up more speech every day. He's back in Mother's Day Out and he clearly loves it which is wonderful because I can sure use the time off, too :)

Trig had another speech evaluation from a place recommended to us by his doctor. We went there last week and there is good and bad news - his "reciprocal" speech, or what he understands, is right on par or even ahead for his age. This I knew but it is really good to hear it confirmed. My baby is a smarty-pants! BUT, his expressive speech, or what he actually says, they placed at 8 months. I think that this is a bit exaggerated but the point is he needs help and he clearly qualifies. They said that it may take a few weeks to process and get approval but he will start therapy 3 times per week (!!!). This is going to be really difficult but if it helps, it will be worth it.

Other than that he is doing great. He's getting over a cold and so his eating really stopped for awhile but has really picked up again. It really is a series of peaks and valleys when it comes to his eating. We'll have a few solid weeks of GOOD eating (well, good for him I guess) and then he'll get sick and we have to start over again. It's frustrating. I actually think that at his 2 year appointment he will actually have a documented weight loss and maybe doctors will take me more seriously when it comes to his weight and size. In the meantime, we'll just wait for pediatric endocrinology to evaluate him.

Grayson is wonderful. He eats way more than his brother ever did. He started solid foods and he is eating so much more enthusiastically than Trig. He gets so excited that he gets food everywhere. Things were never that messy with Trig! I might actually have an eater! He's still got two teeth on the bottom that are on the VERGE of poking through but it seems like they've been that way for awhile. He seems chunky to me but he's still a very little guy, not on the chart just like his brother. If he keeps eating the way he does he's GOT to catch up, I think.

Baker is working his tail end off. I miss him so much. I have learned to kinda just do things on my own, though. I just wish he was around more not only for my sake but so that the kids can play with Daddy because he is just so much fun.

I'm doing good! It's TOUGH but there are such wonderful moments. Smiles, laughter, Trig's new words, Grayson's stares with his deep blue eyes, makes it all worth it. They're both in mother's day out now so I may actually find some time to myself and I MIGHT get caught up on my huge to do list, and when that happens, I am going to teach myself to sew! Yep, it's my new goal. and I'm GONNA DO IT! I'll start with small projects but my goal is to make things like a few items of clothing for the kids and maybe a cloth diaper or two. But we'll start with pillowcases haha. It will be an adventure! Oh and while I am crafting I really should catch up on my scrapbooking. I am about a year behind. oops.

Other projects include two birthday parties. I swear there is always something going on that I need to work on! But I love throwing a party :) Triggy's will be at and Baker's will be at his parents' house. Mexican fiesta, should be a good time!