Saturday, January 21, 2012

Growth Hormone - AGAIN!

Well, we finally got the go ahead to start growth hormone once again. The MRI was clear so they said we can start the drug. BUT we are still waiting for insurance approval. They filed appeal #1 on January 4th and they have to review his case, his medical records, etc and talk to the doctor via teleconference. SO nervous. They are supposed to give an answer in 30 days but I am not sure if that is 30 days from the date of the appeal or from the date that they talk to the doc. Either way, I am really hoping that this will all be over soon. Please please please let this be the only appeal that we have to file. My little man needs this medicine.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Christmas 2011 Pictures

Trig and his cousin JonParker playing the piano at Momo's house

Trig loved this yummy reindeer cupcake!

Ronnie the happy elf

This car was definitely Trig's favorite gift, and probably the least expensive. Also, it was actually Grayson's gift. Kids are so funny!

And this tricycle was supposed to be for Trig but Grayson enjoyed riding it the most. Trig liked pushing Grayson around in it.

Dad and I on Christmas Eve

Grayson and his godmother Carly!

Baker and Drew

Trig loved Patti's reading glasses!

Merry Christmas Eve!

Pop Pop reading to Trig

Momo Maddock reading to Trig

Kari and Triggy on Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas from Grayson!

Baker and Kari

Aunt Kelsey and Triggy

Check out my Santa shirt!

Cousin Collin and Grayson

I love you Mimi!

The Maddocks and the Kings

Aunt Kelsey with (future) Uncle Matty!

Fun at Longhorn (Yonghorn) cafe!


Baker and Kelsey at Yonghorn

Kelly and Baker at the Boies' Christmas Party

Trig with his Mother's Day Out teachers

Kelly and Lori (Yoyi)

At Trig's Christmas program

Triggy helping mommy fold diapers

Kelsey and Trig at the Christmas program

Saturday, January 7, 2012

MRI results and Grayson WALKING!

Let me start by saying that we FINALLY found out that Trig's MRI results were good. Nothing on the scan. YAY! But it took forever to get the results because I guess no one was at the office around the holidays. Makes me mad that I couldn't find anyone to call me back but whatever, now we know that things are fine. I still have to wait for a call from the doctor himself to say that the results were clear and that we can start growth hormone again. My goal was to get Trig started on the meds before the new year but that didn't happen. So hopefully he will get on them in early 2012.

Grayson IS WALKING! He started walking ON CHRISTMAS DAY. What a fun Christmas gift! For a few days he would rather crawl than walk so he would get down on the floor all the time but he is starting to walk more and more every day. I think that Grayson still thinks he is faster crawling (and he is) so he gets down to get somewhere more quickly. I literally have to RUN to catch him when he is crawling. Everyone that sees him crawl is impressed by his speed. Lucky me!

I am trying to be better about this blog because the kids are doing the CUTEST things and I know I am going to forget them. Trig is almost three and he is SO funny. The other day we were in the car and Trig found a toy penguin. He put it on top of his juice cup and said "Hello penguin! What are you doing? Are you drinking my juice?". I couldn't help but laugh out loud at that. He says things like that all the time. He will pick up a phone and say things like "Hello! What you doing? On my way! Play with cars! BYE!". He makes me laugh all the time. At the same time he is a very opinionated and stubborn little boy. He is always pushing his brother and looking at me like "What are you going to do?". I put him in time out and I ask him to put his nose in the corner and he will face the wall but refuses to put his nose in the corner. I say "put your nose in the corner and he will say "NO! I'm NOT!". He also has said "BAKER! GET ME DOWN RIGHT NOW!". He knows our names and it's almost like he uses them when we are in trouble. We were shopping a few days ago and he said "Kelly! Come HERE!" when he didn't know where I was. Maybe he is just like Baker - hurry up! Stop shopping! Ha.


Grayson walking:

In true Home Alone style, Trig is "Yiving Yone" (translation: I'm living alone!!!")

Christmas morning at our house:

Grayson says "Water please!"