Friday, December 3, 2010

Feeding appointment for Trig

So I took Trig to the doctor today to discuss his feeding and lack of growth. It's really frustrating to me - I feel like I have been beating my head against a wall with doctors on this issue. They all seem to think that just because Trig has created his own growth curve just below the normal growth curve (yes, I am talking about NEVER reaching the normal growth curve) that he's okay. To me, this is unacceptable. I keep hearing, well, you're a small person. Well, he was born prematurely. He's almost 2, he should have caught up by now, and even though I might be small, I was never BELOW the growth chart. I just can't get a grip on why this isn't a bigger concern to Trig's doctors.

Okay, so today his doctor said many of those things (he was premature, you're small) but she did refer him to a pediatric endocrinologist, a developmental pediatrician and we're going to check his hearing just to make sure that's not adding to his speech issues. So, the overall outcome was positive but it does leave me wondering why this isn't more alarming to the doctors that he has encountered throughout his (almost) 2 year lifetime. In any case, we've got to move forward and pray that the doctors we see next will have some kind of direction for us.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I'm a really bad blogger

I know it has been too long. Let me break things down on how it's been going:

Overall, wonderful. Having two under two is REALLY FREAKING HARD but also awesome at the same time. Definitely the most challenging experience of my life but also the most wonderful as well.

Grayson - doing so good!!!! At last check on November 15th, he was 10lbs 6oz. Still 2nd percentile for weight but doing really well. He eats like a champ ALL THE TIME and in the last few days has slept from about 10pm to 5am. YAY! During the day he is not a sleeper but I think he is going through a bit of the 4 month wakeful since he is coming up on the 4 month mark. He just wants to be awake all the time unless he's right against me in the Moby or has just eaten. And he eats ALL THE TIME. I really mean that. He's big on the eating thing, unlike his brother! He is making all kinds of sounds and has rolled front to back and is really close to rolling back to front. He's really close!!! I couldn't be happier with his progress and he really is a great baby. I am very blessed to have a new baby with an excellent temperament, just like his brother. I am totally in love.

Trig - he's so great. He didn't walk until 19.5 months but now he walks like he was never delayed. He was in ECI for his walking problems but now the physical therapist says that she is no longer needed. She comes once a month to make sure that he continues to progress but she says that "he has done 6-8 months of physical development in about 2 weeks". Wow, huh? A friend of mine says it is the preemie "slingshot effect". So wonderful. He is still very speech delayed however. His reciprocal language is wonderful - in other words, he clearly understands everything we say. However, his expressive language is severely lacking - he can't actively communicate effectively. we're working on it! :) His feeding issues continue to be a very large problem, though. He still just won't eat, which is very frustrating. I have an appointment to see his doctor on Friday to deal with this stuff. I think he needs appetite stimulants and/or growth hormone at this point. We have tried everything and are in need of serious intervention so that he can achieve his full growth potential.

These kids are very very similar but also very different. They both don't like a pacifier and both value their beauty sleep. Grayson values his food much more than Trig EVER did :). They look a lot alike. They both don't enjoy the swing but love the playmat. They both hate tummy time which motivated the need to learn to roll over ASAP. They both tolerate the car until we're stuck in traffic or at a light - they're both like, hey, let's keep this thing moving! This is a short version of the list.

I am WAY behind on pictures. In this case, I'll have to refer you to my facebook page because I just uploaded a TON of pictures for your viewing pleasure. You can see some more pictures in the Trig and Grayson album, plus Thanksgiving pictures and even Grayson's baptism, which took place on Sunday.

Thanks for reading! I really should be better about this. Writing all of this down is somewhat cathartic! :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


My 19 month old boy has taken his first steps! He walked across our living room from the fireplace to the kitchen, probably 10-12 steps. YAY TRIGGY!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

1 month and 19 months!

So I need to update this blog, what else is new?

Things are going well so far - being mommy to 2 under 2 is difficult but also wonderful at the same time. I am figuring things out!

Triggy got sick on Sunday night and I took him to the doctor on Monday. He just had some kind of upper respiratory thing and he's much better today. He even went to Mother's Day Out today but only after being on antibiotics for 24 hours just to be safe. He's also taking cough medicine and he's doing better now. At the doctor both boys were weighed. I was disappoined about Triggy's weight because he has been doing SO MUCH BETTER with eating but he was 20lbs2oz. Grayson on the other hand, my eating machine, is now 6lbs9oz! That's a gain of about 1.3oz per day!

Baker is off today (YAY!) so we had a little fun. I had my 6 week post partum checkup today and that went well - all good! Then we did grocery shopping (whoopdeedoo) and then lunch at Cici's Pizza (Baker's choice!). Now relaxing at home and getting stuff done. I have bunco tonight with my spouse group but only if Triggy is doing okay and he should only be awake for an hour or so while I'm gone. I think it's important that I get out and socialize sometimes and Baker is home for once!

So we had a visit from the Maddock Grandparents and I know that I owe pictures, so enjoy! I will do my best to update more often.

Grayson with Auntie YaYa

Triggy loves his Daddy

Triggy loves plants

He loves pushing the walker around the Kings' driveway

Triggy loves his little brother!

2 weeks old!

They both love long walks together around the neighborhood. Well, Triggy likes it, Grayson tolerates it :)

Grayson and Aunt Helen!

Look! It's a motorcycle

Grayson loves to see Daddy after work

Fun with Mimi!

At the Children's Museum

With his best friend Max at the Children's Museum

At the mini-HEB at the Children's Museum

Hello? it's for you, Mommy.

Reading with Auntie YaYa

Now reading with Granddad!

1 month old!

Sleeping on my mommy

Grayson with my mom!

Feeding both babies. I do it more often than you think!

Grayson and the Maddock Grandparents

Triggy and the Maddock Grandparents

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Grayson's weight check

Grayson had a weight check today and I am SO PROUD to say that he gained 6 ounces in a week!! I am particularly proud of this because he is exclusively breastfeeding - no bottles, no formula, no pumping. This is a big huge giant victory for me and I am more pleased than I can possibly express.

So at 19 days old, Grayson is 5lbs2oz and 18 inches long. Trig was a month and a half before he hit that weight and was 2 months before he was ALMOST that long. So as tiny as Grayson is, he's much bigger than his brother was! So here's hoping that Grayson continues to gain like this - all of the nearly constant nursing is paying off!!! YAY!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Introducing Grayson Paul King!

So in the last few weeks I have been back and forth to L&D with contractions etc. I decided to go in on Friday morning (8/6/10) because I had some bleeding and the contractions were painful. I guess Baker knew I was serious about needing to go to the hospital because he came home very early from the hospital to take me in. Went to L&D and I was having strong regular contractions but still not dilating. They wanted to keep me for observation due to my bleeding, though. The plan was to watch me overnight and send me home.

So I woke up at 6am on Saturday morning(8/7/10) to the lights on in my room (until then, nurses and docs had checked on me every 30 mins but had been very quiet for the most part, I slept through it) and every doc on the floor (which is about 10 residents and 2 attendings in a teaching hospital) ALL in my room looking at me. They're unlocking the wheels on my bed and getting ready to move me for a crash c-section. They're starting ANOTHER IV in my other arm, lifting up my gown to make sure I am relatively shaved down there (!!!) and trying to get a good heartbeat on the baby manually. After asking them to slow down and tell me what was going on, I looked at the monitors and saw some very obvious decelerations in baby's heart rate - as my contractions went up, Grayson's heart rate was clearly going down almost perfectly mirroring my contraction. He did it 2 or 3 times and then I watched it happen, too. They made sure it wasn't my heartbeat by checking the pulse oximiter and he was dropping into the 40s. So they were going to wheel me back for a crash c-section but the chief resident said that he wanted to watch me and wait because baby had been fine ALL NIGHT and was just now acting up. He improved and everyone left the room saying they'd discuss my case. The chief was really nice and he came back in to tell me that while they're holding off on the c-section, they were going to induce me because what had happened was just too dangerous particularly with the bleeding, there was a high chance that I had an abruption, just like last time. So 6am on Saturday morning I called Baker to come be with me and told him what had happened. I sent him home the night before to get some rest!!!

So the first order of business was to start an epidural because in case of a crash c-section, they'd have access and could do a quick spinal instead of giving me general anesthesia. Epidural placement was not without drama, either. Just like last time, I dropped my pressure really low when it was placed and didn't feel well. I seemed to recover and anesthesia left the room. I started putting on a little bit of powder (I was determined to look decent after a night in the hospital!) and suddenly I decided to put the makeup down and take a rest - well, my blood pressure bottomed out and I passed out. Another rush of docs and nurses, doses of epinephrine, oxygen, etc. and I came back to life but boy was that scary. Poor Baker said I was ghostly white.

So then they placed the catheter, scalp electrode on the baby, and broke my water. Labor was pretty uneventful - I had a really good epidural and I snoozed most of the day. Checked me at 1230pm and I was like 4cm. They said they wouldn't check me unless I felt pressure so I wasn't checked all day. They adjusted the pitocin in accordance with my contractions and stuff but didn't check my cervix. Suddenly at about 5pm or so I felt overwhelming pressure. They dosed up my epidural and said that I was complete and it was time to push! Unfortunately, my doc was far away and wouldn't make it. Totally fine with me, I liked the residents that were there and the attending was in the room as well. Very nice people. They got me all prepped and I pushed something like 5 times and Grayson Paul entered this world at 546pm!!! The best part of the whole thing (besides baby!) was Baker- he was so awesome. He held my left leg and was just so enthusiastic and encouraging. He was telling me how great I was doing the whole entire time and bragged to anyone that would listen afterwards about how awesome I was and how good I did. These are the things I'll never forget :) Also, I made a NICU nurse cry because I totally basically flipped out with happiness haha.

So the NICU team was there for little Grayson. His apgars were 9 and 9 but after just a few minutes with me he went straight to the NICU. He spent 5 days there just learning to eat and hold his temperature. So although I was very very disappointed that this baby went to the NICU, his stay was very short .

After examination of my placenta, it was clear that I did have another abruption. History repeats itself, doesn't it?

Thank you all of you for listening and I hope you enjoyed my story - apparently, nothing I do is without drama!!!! :) And my blood pressure is high so they're watching me for that now, ugh...


Dinner provided by the Kings after Grayson came home from the NICU!

Carseat swallowing Grayson!!!

LOVE this picture :)

Grayson's first home

Trig stomping around in boots with Daddy

Proud Daddy

Grayson loves his Momo!

Bottle time with Aunt Kelsey

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Just wanted to post quickly that Trig saw the nutritionist - not too much help really. She said I am "doing all I can do" which I guess was good to hear but that doesn't solve anything for me. She referred me to a therapist who will investigate the behavioral reasons why Trig doesn't want to eat. I'll look into it.

In any case, she did measure him and get his weight, and he was:

20lbs 2oz - way way below the chart for weight
30 inches - 5th percentile for ACTUAL age!

So I have a tall (for him I guess) skinny boy.

Good to know he's on the chart for SOMETHING!

In other news, this baby in my belly has decided to stop growing as well. He has only gained a few ounces in the last 2 weeks. He was 4lbs 9oz on ultrasound on Tuesday. My fundal height went from 32 at 33 weeks to 30 at 35 weeks. Weird, right? So if this baby is in the 5th percentile or less next week, then I'll be induced immediately. The baby is doing okay, but I am very disappointed that I have another baby that won't grow. Luckily, this time, the growth slowed much later than Triggy did and I am still pregnant at 35 weeks.

Must stay pregnant a little while longer! :)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Okay okay, here's the house!

I owe this blog pictures of the house. So here we are! There is still a LOT to do but I am pleased with the progress so far enough to finally post some pics :)

First, here's Triggy!!!

Me at 34 weeks

Daddy and Triggy at Momo's House

In Momo's Chair

On Skype with Kelsey

Hangin' with my Aunt Kari

By the baby pool

Lovin' the baby pool

Hey, Roxy!

My anniversary flowers - they still look this beautiful!

Bathing in Mimi's Sink!!!


So you walk into the house and our kitchen is right there:

Pass through to the dining room

Dining Room

Baker's pride and joy - our TV. Was on the floor for a long time but we finally got the stand!

The light from all the windows is great, I hardly ever turn on lights!

Our bedroom

Entrance to the bedroom - to the right is a really great under the stairs closet, to the left is our backdoor.

Master bathroom shower

My jetted tub!!!

The bathroom, which leads into the closet at the back. So convenient!

Upstairs Bathroom

New Baby's Room!!!

I love my baby brother's bouncer!!! :)

We have lots of fun decor but much of it includes the name so I am not posting that! :)

Triggy's Room!!!

Triggy loves his books!

Upstairs hallway

Outside of the boys' rooms

Right outside of Trig's Room

The least finished room - the guest room/study:

Notice the burnt orange!!

The game room

Hope you enjoyed the pictures of our house! We love it!!!