Friday, September 19, 2008

11 weeks 3 days

I'm so behind! Okay, since my last post I have had two ultrasounds. Ultimately, the RE won the battle between the ultrasounds and I had one at 10 weeks 1 day. It was great to see the baby - he/she was really moving around and the arms and legs were more defined.

I had another ultrasound on Wednesday at 11 weeks 1 day for my NT scan. The measurement was 1.7mm so that's WONDERFUL. Gotta wait for the bloodwork to come back, but it looks as though we may have ruled out Down's and Trisomy 18, which is a good thing. At my age, I have a low risk anyway, but I am not going to turn down any tests to rule out any potential issues with the baby. Plus, who doesn't want another excuse to see the baby? I have my doppler at home but there's nothing like actually SEEING the baby. This time, Baker got to come! He asked for time off to come and see me and the resident gave him the whole day off! I think that the whole ultrasound experience is a little overwhelming for us. Both of us just kind of watch the screen in amazement - I think the ultrasound tech is looking for us to say more, but there just isn't much to say when there is something so amazing to look at. It's just such a personal experience. In any case, baby was most certainly asleep this time and didn't want to move so the tech had to poke my stomach so the baby would jump so that she could get a good measurement on the NT. Anyway, all went well and I go back in 3 weeks for another ultrasound.

Only issue is this whole subchorionic hemmorage thing - apparently, it is staying the same size, not growing, not shrinking, just there. Thank goodness (knock on wood) I haven't had any actual bleeding from it, which is good. The doc I saw at 10 weeks said that if I have actual bleeding that he'll put me on bedrest so I am doing my best to avoid that by taking it really easy.

In belly news, the belly that I had has shrunk! I guess the bloat has finally gone away and what I do have is actual uterus and baby. That's exciting but it's a little scary to see the potbelly that I had disappear! Still a little something but not much.

So my doppler's batteries totally died last night, which doesn't surprise me because I've been using it a lot. But it's scary, because the thing didn't SLOWLY die, it just died! So I hope it's the batteries! I need to run out to Wal-Mart to get some things today anyway, so I will be heading there sooner than later so I have batteries for my doppler! Even though I am getting more and more relaxed about this pregnancy (the doc on Wednesday actually told me to relax) I still want to check on baby often with the doppler.

In other news, I am telling EVERYONE on Monday. Monday is D-Day for me. The wonderful SAIF girls have given me some WONDERFUL advice on dealing with telling my parents, so I will be sending them a card. I think that this is a wonderful solution to a sticky situation, so I am excited about it. Hopefully, mail service in Houston has resumed in the wake of Hurricane Ike.

Ultrasound pictures below - first, the 10 week ones and then the 11 week ones.

Monday, September 8, 2008

10 weeks today!

So.... I'm 10 weeks today! YAY! I can't believe it. I really am already starting to stick out a bit and it's crazy. I think it's freaking Baker out a bit haha! I'll take a picture tomorrow.

So my doctors are fighting about when my next ultrasound should be. My doctor in Akron asked me to ask my doctors back in San Antonio when I can start weaning off of the progesterone in oil shots. So, I did and I got a phone call back with a weaning protocol and a request that I have 2 more ultrasounds before they completely release me from their care. Okay... fine, but I am sensing trouble from my office in Akron. I was right. I am caught in the middle of a big issue where my doc in San Antonio believes that I need an ultrasound this Wednesday and my doctor in Akron does not. Doc in Akron said that they will bring me in for one but because they don't deem it medically necessary, they will file it with insurance but they don't think that my insurance will pay for it. WTF? So I am going back and forth between San Antonio and Akron, and San Antonio says I don't see what the big deal is, they have a diagnosis code for the order, etc. Akron finally said that they want to talk to San Antonio directly - good, take me out of the equation. But, they missed each other on Friday and they'll have to talk today. We'll see what happens with that. I'm waiting to hear now. My favorite part of this whole thing was the nurse from San Antonio, Lisa, calling me and telling me that she argued with Akron saying "if something happens to this baby, do you want that on your head?" haha. She said that she thinks that made the nurse mad. Oh well. I'll update when I find out, but San Antonio is pretty adament about this so if Akron still refuses, SA wants me to find an imaging center to do it at. Ugh. So we'll see....

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

9 weeks 2 days

9 weeks 2 days today and I had another ultrasound! YAY! All is well. Most of it.

Baby B is definitely gone. The sac has shrunk and now looks empty. I'm sad, but I am trying to think that this must have happened for a reason. Still, it's awful.

The good news is that the other baby is doing wonderfully :) Measuring right on time, heartbeat of 167 which I got to HEAR today - OH MY GOSH. Wow. My baby's heartbeat! And it sounded SOOO fast! Baker was with me and he was so happy, this was the first u/s he has been able to come to. Baby looks like a gummy bear, SOO cute. I saw him/her move its little legs and it was so unbelievable. WOW!

Only other thing that they saw was a pocket of blood between the two sacs (the other sac is there but very small) Doc said it's nothing to worry about but you know me better than that....

Thanks everyone for listening! New pics above of our gummy bear!

Next u/s is in 2 weeks for the Nuchal Translucency scan, 9/17/08 at 8:30am.