Thursday, January 28, 2010

Trig's favorite and least favorite foods

So in an effort to keep up this blog much better, I am participating in a "Blog Hop". All you need to know is that a local friend of mine gives us all a specific theme to post on each week and we do it!

This week? Baby's favorite and least favorite foods.

Trig's favorite foods: well, he LOVES his morning yogurt (Yo Baby). He also cannot possibly eat enough puffs. I think he thinks that he could sustain himself on puffs alone. We recently introduced mini-pancakes and he loves those so much that he shoves the whole things in his mouth. Favorite veggie is most certainly Squash. Silly boy!

Trig's least favorite foods: Ugh, Trig can be a picky eater, sometimes you can never tell what he's going to like and not like. He's still not a big fan of anything with meat in it, though he'll eat it if it's mixed with a favorite fruit/veggie of his like squash. I think that the things he doesn't like are all about the consistency of the food rather than the food itself. For example, he LOVES freeze-dried peas but hates the pureed peas.

Basically, now that he's almost a year old, he likes to feed himself and doesn't like mommy or daddy to feed him anymore. He tolerates his morning yogurt feeding but as the day wears on he tolerates me feeding him less and less and he'd rather just feed himself. So, we give him an assortment of freeze dried fruits and veggies (they're easy for him to pick up and resemble puffs to him), puffs, peaches, sliced oranges, black beans, carrots, and the list goes on. Also, if I happened to cook (which I am trying to be better about) he gets some of our dinner, well, at least the parts he can eat.

He really is getting less and less picky and is better and better about being able to pick up his own food. At first, it was really frustrating when he decided to only feed himself because there weren't many things that he could easily pick up and feed to himself without getting very frustrated. Now he can pick up more things so we can give him a more healthy variety.

Basically, I've decided that it's way easier when they eat nothing but bottles. Now I have to prepare food AND bottles! Oh well, my little boy is growing up, that's what happens! :)

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Trig 11 months

Enjoy some pictures of Trig - he's 11 months old now! I think he weighs about 17lbs or more, he has 5 teeth and I think about 3 more coming in (he won't let me look!). He's cruising all over the place and I can hardly keep up with him! His favorite thing is to stand at the coffee table and play with whatever is on it. So Mommy has to make sure that the things on the table are Triggy-friendly.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Welcome back to Ohio!

It's been a busy time in the King family - we had Christmas and all of the craziness that includes, and after Christmas, we packed all of our stuff up to move back to Ohio! Baker left with my car and a trailer full of our stuff on January 1 and Trig and I followed on January 5th by flying into Cleveland. Flying went surprisingly well! Trig was a good boy and we made it just fine, despite the snow and bad weather! We'll be here at our new place in Akron, OH until Baker graduates in May. It's been EXTREMELY snowy so far, but we'll make it through! :)

Enjoy some recent pictures!

Trying to climb out of the crib

In baby jail and loving it!

With daddy in our huge tub in Akron

I love my Granddad!

Stretching out after a big meal

Triggy opening presents

The King Family on Christmas

Trig's cookie dish for Santa - thank you, Lori!

Trig is so excited about Christmas morning!