Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Almost Christmas for Trig!

So it's ALMOST Trig's first Christmas! Things have been busy at the King household getting things ready. Decorations are officially in full swing here and we're ready for Christmas. Lots of presents under the tree and all of that! We're trying to get Trig excited and tell him all about Christmas but I don't think that there is much that he understands yet. Still, there is lots under the tree with his name on it!

He got his 2nd round of flu shot and H1N1 shot so we're good in that department. We discovered at that appointment that he weighs 16 lbs 2 oz.... so still really small but we're getting there. We recently changed formulas (since I just ran out of breastmilk) and he is doing really well on the new stuff. Hopefully, it will inspire a growth spurt.

He officially has 4 teeth - 2 on the top and 2 on the bottom. AND he is now 10 months 1 week old. Wow, huh?

Enjoy some videos!!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

4th tooth and laughing at Charlie...

Trig is getting his 4th tooth, his left top tooth is just now popping through! He's got this habit of rubbing his top teeth on his bottom teeth and it makes this awful squeaking sound!

Enjoy some video of Trig laughing at Jenny and Zack's dog, Charlie :) We had a nice visit to Houston and got to see beautiful Bekah and the wonderful Mrs. Burkhart. We missed you this time, Zack!

Had a nice time visiting the Maddock Grandparents and Baker had his UT Houston interviews. Check it out!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Third Tooth!

Trig has been SOOOO fussy for the last week or so and his third tooth, the top right, has finally come in! After weeks of redness and swelling, tooth #3 is here, as of about 4 days ago. Congrats, Triggy! Pics to follow as mommy can get them :)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

9 months!

Check out these pictures of Trig at 9 months!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

9 month checkup!

Trig had his 9 month checkup today with a new doctor here in SA. I like him a lot! I had to wait a long time but I guess that's to be expected for a new patient because I spoke to several other patients in there and they said that they never wait.

Today he got his H1N1 shot and weighed in at:

15 lbs 8 oz (less than 3rd percentile)
26.25 inches (less than 3rd percentile)
Head circumference: 45cm (75th percentile!!!)

So still not on the chart (except for that GIANT noggin) but he's close as always! Following his own growth curve like a good boy :)

Monday, November 9, 2009

We have a crawler!

Well, an army crawler at least. This was taken today. Check it out!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Okay so there is an episode of "The Office" where Dwight is telling everyone that the letter "r" is a sinister letter. He says "that's why it's called MURDER not MUCDUC". So Trig thinks that the word Mucduc is really hilarious. Check this video out. So sorry it took me so long to post this, it's from October 17th.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trig's Halloween

Trig had a wonderful Halloween. I took way too many pictures because I LOOOVE HALLOWEEN but these are my favorites.

Oh, and I turned 29 on October 24th, so here are some pictures of that, too :)

All is well here. On Trig's 8 month birthday he weighed 14lbs 5oz, so I was a little sad that he only gained 1lb in 2 months, but he's just a little guy. He's obviously doing really well and he's really healthy, he just didn't gain as fast in these last 2 months because he is SO ACTIVE! I swear, he is going to crawl any day. He has moved a little bit forward doing the "army crawl" but he doesn't get far yet, and he can't seem to remember what he's done after he does it. It's so funny. Tonight when I was giving Trig his bath, he got up on his hands and knees and rocked back and forth a bit. I swear, Trig loves having his diaper off so much and he's always so happy and squirmy when he's naked. It's really funny to watch :)

Okay, here are some pictures!!!

Mommy on her birthday

Mommy with Erika

Mommy and Daddy celebrate!

Happy Halloween!

I love reading with Mommy

Playing with Aunt Kari!

At the Gymboree Halloween Party

With Daddy at the party



With my buddy Max on Halloween!

I'm a SCARY skeleton, huh?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

More Trig Video

Trig Video


So we've got lots of stuff going on lately and lots of pictures to update.

1) It's confirmed, Trig has 2 TEETH coming in! Yes, two! The bottom two. I can't get a good pic though but I'll post one as soon as I can get a good one.

2) Baker completed his rotation here in San Antonio and has moved on to Temple for a rotation at Scott and White. We miss Daddy!

3) LOTS of trips out of town - the Kings apparently really like having Trig and I around so they take us wherever they go. We went to Houston for a very short visit a few days ago and went to Round Top. Lots of fun! AND we'll be headed to Waco early this week to hang out with Daddy, yay!

4) Residency interviews are rolling in for Baker and we're so excited :)

On to some pictures:

Triggy rolling around his crib

Triggy loves his walker!

Trig and his aunt Kelsey!

We love Momo!

Fun with Mr. Penguin!

Trig got to meet his new cousin, JonParker!

My new trick: I can sit up all by myself!

I love it when Mimi gives me water!

Fun with my Grandparents Maddock!

First high chair experience!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

First Tooth!

Trig is getting his first tooth - it just poked through! It's so exciting :) He's enjoying being here in San Antonio - being with family, spending time with Mimi, Momo, Granddad, Aunt Kari - it's just been so fun for him! He's also been doing Gymboree classes twice a week and he loves that. That is, of course, if I can get him to nap right before because Gymboree wears Trig OUT! He always goes to sleep after class.

Baker has completed his Anesthesia rotation here in San Antonio and is headed to Temple today. We're going to miss Daddy! But we're hoping that he'll be around on the weekends.

Trig also got to meet his little cousin JonParker today - pictures to follow!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I owe pictures...

I love my Daddy!

Gettin' exersauced....

On the road again, somewhere in Tennessee...

Hi Mommy!

I love to play the drum!

My first meal - oatmeal cereal!

At the doc's office for my 6 month checkup!

Dancing on the table at Daddy's school