Wednesday, June 30, 2010

We moved!

Yep, we moved! Closing went just fine and we moved in. So we've just been spending every single day trying to get settled. Unfortunately, while we have purchased a good deal of furniture, it's not here yet! Bedroom set should be here next week, TV stand hopefully soon (right now our new 55" TV is sitting on the floor with no stand!!!) and dining room furniture not for another month or so. Roland, our painter, comes tomorrow to paint all 3 bedrooms upstairs and the half bath downstairs. We're watering a good deal to keep our grass alive since it's relatively new and the previous owners weren't such great caretakers. We're getting some good rain from this hurricane that's coming through, though.

Trig is doing great, he had his ECI evaluation today and he qualified for services so he'll start physical therapy and cognitive therapy soon and he'll start meeting with a nutritionist as well. He just needs to work on a few things, so I am glad to have help with that!

Baker officially starts his residency tomorrow. Wow. It's been so great having him around. Luckily, he starts out in the PICU which shouldn't be that bad - no call and one day off a week. I'll miss having him around so much, though, and Triggy really will, too. So good luck, Baker, we love you!

I am doing well - I made it to 30 weeks! I am very happy with that milestone. I have been having some trouble with dizziness and weakness, it just feels like my blood pressure is really low even though it's really ok. Doc suggested support hose (lots of fun) and LOTS of fluid. So, we'll see if that helps.


With Uncle Joe

With Brooke and Derek

New Baby's Nursery! (still a work in progress)

29.5 weeks!

Our house!

Mowing the lawn for the first time

Moving day!

Closing day!

No diaper for me....

I threw it on the floor! :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Moving along!

So we are going to close on our new house on Friday June 18th and hopefully move on Saturday. VERY exciting! It's going to be stressful but well worth our trouble, I believe. We're ready to have our very own house!

Trig had his 15 month checkup recently:
Weight - 18lbs 10oz
Height - 29 inches

We were a bit disappointed in the stats. He's in the 3rd percentile for height but several pounds below the chart for weight. He was also referred for Early Childhood Intervention services due to the fact that he is a bit behind developmentally. He really has been on par with his peers up until 12 months at which point he seems to have fallen off a bit. We'll see what the interventionists have to say in a few weeks at his assessment. Personally, I think it's a good thing for him to be assessed and I'm thinking that they'll be able to help me with his eating issues as well.

So in other news, with permission from my doctor due to the VERY large amount of support and help I would receive while there, we traveled to Rockport, TX for a family vacation. Baker, Triggy and I went down a night before everyone else to get settled and spend some time together. Then the craziness ensued - at one point we had up to 18 people at the house in 5 bedrooms and 5 baths. Luckily, we had one of those - a room dubbed the "dungeon" because of it's lower location and, well, it's status as a less than favorable room. But it was PERFECT for Baker, Triggy and I. Trig had his own little area and we hung a sheet between his bed and our bed so that he couldn't see us at night (which has disturbed him in the past). And, due to a VERY loud window air conditioning unit, Trig was able to nap while people were whooping it up right outside of our door in the canal. It really was a good time. So as soon as we got back from the vacation, it really hit that we were closing in a week! Lots to do!

Enjoy some pictures:

Trig's first haircut

Cozy Coupe with Granddad!

Swimming in my pool!

Hi Roxy!

With my cousins in Rockport

Swimming in the canal!

At a Corpus Christi Hooks game

Rockport group!

SO much fun with Uncle Pat

Triggy and JonParker lovin' on Momo

Triggy driving home from Rockport

All dressed up for the Resident Graduation!