Sunday, October 4, 2009

More Trig Video

Trig Video


So we've got lots of stuff going on lately and lots of pictures to update.

1) It's confirmed, Trig has 2 TEETH coming in! Yes, two! The bottom two. I can't get a good pic though but I'll post one as soon as I can get a good one.

2) Baker completed his rotation here in San Antonio and has moved on to Temple for a rotation at Scott and White. We miss Daddy!

3) LOTS of trips out of town - the Kings apparently really like having Trig and I around so they take us wherever they go. We went to Houston for a very short visit a few days ago and went to Round Top. Lots of fun! AND we'll be headed to Waco early this week to hang out with Daddy, yay!

4) Residency interviews are rolling in for Baker and we're so excited :)

On to some pictures:

Triggy rolling around his crib

Triggy loves his walker!

Trig and his aunt Kelsey!

We love Momo!

Fun with Mr. Penguin!

Trig got to meet his new cousin, JonParker!

My new trick: I can sit up all by myself!

I love it when Mimi gives me water!

Fun with my Grandparents Maddock!

First high chair experience!