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Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Yep it is totally time for me to update.

On January 27th we found out that Trig was approved for growth hormone therapy. There are no words to express how wonderful it is when you fight so hard for your child and win. I wish I could post the approval letter on this blog because I am so proud. It's up on the fridge. It basically outlines the reasons that Trig qualifies for growth hormone therapy, including failing the stimulation tests, his short stature and his slow growth velocity. It even cites journal references to support the decision, it really is a cool letter. As soon as we got approval, the nurse at the endocrinologist's office called me and told me that the doc spoke with the consulting doc and as soon as he got all of Trig's information, he approved him for GHT on the spot! We have fought for this since Trig was about 18 months old so it has been a long time coming!

They both had checkups recently. Trig has grown 2 inches since December and has gained 4lbs! He is now 35 inches and 26lbs (still way below the chart but we're getting there)! Wow! We were all very excited. He has only been on growth hormone for a few weeks! Very impressive progress so far. I can't wait for his next appointment with the endocrinologist so that we can see what 3 months of treatment has accomplished. He is a trooper about taking his shots and really doesn't complain about it at all. He even reminds us that it is time for medicine. I guess as he gets older it will just be a part of his life.

Grayson had his 18 month checkup at the same time. He was 22lbs8oz and 31inches. That makes him about 20th percentile for height and weight. By this time, Trig had fallen way below the growth chart so we hope that Grayson won't face the same problems. He's still a little guy but nowhere near as small as his older brother was.

They are, of course, really cute kids. Trig has been a bit of a challenge for the past few weeks and we think that it may be a few things. First, he may be hungrier than before and given that he has never really been hungry in his life, he may not understand and it is just making him feel uncomfortable. Second, he may be having some growing pains although he hasn't told us that he is hurting or anything. Third, he may just be a stubborn 3 year old! ha. He is a very opinionated little boy. He got a train table for his 3rd birthday and he is constantly having his trains taken away for bad behavior.

It's not all bad though. He is finally potty trained (pee at least, poop is another story). When he's not being stubborn, he asks for things very nicely, saying please and thank you. He plays with trains and cars and he is very meticulous about placing them exactly how he wants them and carefully guides the cars and trains along the tracks. We have a video monitor and I always check on Trig during naptime - if he's not sleeping then he is "reading". If you didn't know that he was a 3 year old, you would assume that he is actually reading. He spends a few moments looking at each page very carefully and then turns to the next page.

He had his very first dental appointment last week and he did very well - no cavities and he tolerated the cleaning like a champ. I fully expected a total meltdown but he was an absolute angel! He actually enjoyed the process and asked to get both a haircut and a teeth cleaning the next day. Actually he asks for that all the time.

He had a wonderful Cars (the movie) themed 3rd birthday party with lots of friends and family. His Maddock Grandparents even came in from Houston to come to the party, and Kari and Robert came in from Austin. It was a great time for all and Trig got way too many presents!

Grayson is more and more funny all the time. He is saying so many things! One day, we were worried that he wasn't saying that many things, and then the next day, he was naming things that we had no idea that he knew. His favorite thing by far is balloons. He calls them ba-oons! If he sees one in real life, in a picture, or on TV, he repeats "ba-oons!" over and over and over. The best gift for Grayson would be a balloon. He got one at his last haircut and it barely has any air in it but he carries it around everywhere. His next favorite thing is balls. It's funny because Trig never liked balls the way that Grayson does. He plays with them and throws them everywhere. Of course he throws everything. He is so different from his brother - he is a "bull in a china shop". He swings his right arm around everywhere and hits anything and everything in his path. Besides that, he doesn't so much play with toys except to throw them. He would rather walk around and look at things than sit down and focus on anything in particular.

He says so many words these days! He is constantly surprising us with words that he knows. I'll just say a few - cars, trucks, clothes, shirt, pants, up, down, NO (he got that from his brother) MINE! (also from his brother), train (choo choo!), banana, berries, food, milk, juice (that one was one of his first words), cookies, puppy, bear, hands, feet, tummy, book, eyes, nose, mouth, ears, tree, rock, please, thank you, you get the point!

Enjoy some pictures:
This is exactly what I am talking about - carefully lining up his cars

Taking a snooze and Brian and Lori's house

Grayson loves playing in Mimi's yard

I cannot keep the kids out of Gracie's cage!

The kids love driving the cars at Longhorn Cafe (known as "Yonghorn")

Look at that block tower! Trig being very careful once again

Reading time with Granddad

Grayson walking with Momo and Granddad at Momo's church

On one of our evening walks!

Trig is "planking"

Trig's train table

Sleepy boy

Trig's 3rd birthday

Mmmmm cupcake!

At our friend Eli's birthday party

Bathtime at the King household!

It works out pretty well - Trig wants to pull the wagon and Grayson likes to ride in the wagon

Trig at his first dental cleaning. He was wonderful and did everything that he was asked to do!

Mommy and Daddy having fun