Monday, May 30, 2011

Diaper rash!

So both the kiddos have an awful diaper rash. I am not sure what is going on with them but whatever it is has caused them to have sores on their backsides. And they don't want to eat. Poor little guys. They are just in so much pain but they are such troopers. Grayson's has come and gone more quickly than Trig's, he's still dealing with a fairly open sore but he is such a trooper.

And that is really the point of this post, that my kids are SO tough. I mean, there are open sores on their butts and they are smiling and playing like nothing happened. Only when I change them are they truly upset about it. Poor Trig has been walking funny for a few days now but he just keeps on playing!

For Memorial Day, in the afternoon anyway, the kids played in Mimi and Grandad's backyard. Naked. That's right, naked. Silly, I know, but I hear it is a great way to dry out some nasty diaper rashes. I wish I could post some pictures, but sadly, that would be inappropriate. I will say that I took some pictures and boy are they cute! They had a good time splashing in the pool and then Trig ran around the yard while Grayson crawled around the playpen.

Grayson has now decided that he can not only crawl like a champ but he also pulls to his knees and even to standing! He is doing a little bit of cruising, I would say that he is in the early stages of cruising. Watch out, world, here Grayson comes!

Mommy is tired, Daddy is on call and Mommy is going to read for a bit (read: 5 minutes) before passing out.

Grayson pulling up

Paging Dr. Grayson

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Update and Grayson 9 months!

I'll start with the update on Trig -

His bloodwork came back normal! YAY! No celiac disease, no problems with his blood counts, all normal. And his x-ray showed that his "bone age" is correct for his age. Urine was normal.

So where do we go from here? Well, according to the endocrinologist, we look at his growth between his first appointment (March 31st) and his next appointment (July 21st) and we go from there. All signs point to him qualifying for growth hormone at that time.

In other Trig news, he is saying so many things now. We have some super cute favorites, like "papaow" is diaper, for example, which is so cute. But he is adding words to it to create two and three word phrases. Like he will say "bye bye red diaper". Also one of our favorite Trig-isms is him saying "found you". Let's just say it doesn't sound like "found you" and he will say "Found You Mommy" which is really funny :). He identifies everyone's car really accurately. He says "Mommy's white car" and "Daddy's Red Car", Mimi's, Granddads, even Momo's. He identifies things around the house, too. He calls our guest bedroom upstairs "Daddy's Room" because he sleeps in there when he is post-call. He says that the bed and room downstairs are Daddy's as well so I guess I don't get to sleep anywhere! That said, he says that the house is "Mommy's House" so there ya go. So he is really catching up speech wise. He goes to speech therapy now at an independent place and they seem to think that he doesn't need speech therapy so we are concentrating on the feeding stuff. Hopefully, they'll have some suggestions in that department. ECI is giving Trig his annual evaluation in June and they think that he may actually not qualify for services anymore. We'll have to see.

Grayson is 9 months old! He had his 9 month appointment and he was
16lbs 4oz
17 inch head

So like 5th percentile for everything. Trig was almost a pound lighter and a quarter of an inch shorter but who knows, I think that the measurements are probably off.

So those are the stats but I have to tell you, I think that much of this may be inaccurate. They just don't seem to be very exact. For example, his head measurement was exactly the same as his measurement at 6 months. I asked them to measure him again but they said that the other measurement must have been inaccurate. Um hello? Still, I really like his doctor there and the people are nice. I guess I will just have to trust that Grayson is growing well because he looks great!

He is crawling now but still not very efficiently. He can both army crawl AND crawl on his hands and knees but he does about 5 "crawls" and then gives up and lays on his belly. It's so cute. But he really is getting around rather well and can get pretty much wherever he wants to.

I am in the process of weaning Grayson. First of all, he has recently gotten two teeth (first was his bottom left tooth and now his bottom right has poked through). When he's finished eating, he bites me and I haven't been able to keep him from doing that. And you can probably guess that it doesn't feel too great. Also, I feel that he isn't getting as much as he would get from a bottle, and I think he would be bigger on formula. Lastly, he can hardly concentrate on the process because he is way too busy doing other things, which is why I say that he isn't getting as much as he could be. This may or may not be a slow process but I think it will be difficult for me to give up the night feedings for a variety of reasons - first, it's easy. Second, he actually feeds well. And, well, I will really miss breastfeeding him.

Baker and I are doing well. He's doing a SICU rotation right now and seems to be enjoying it. He took me out on a really great date for Mother's Day. We went to a nice dinner then to a comedy club and it really was a great night. Baker got me a really awesome and tiny video camera so that I can take videos of the kids! I also got two really sweet cards, one from Baker and one from the kids. I feel very loved and I am a very lucky woman for sure.

Kiddie Park Carousel

Riding with Daddy

Grayson and our friend Lindsay

9 months!