Wednesday, May 29, 2013

2013 So Far So Good!

Well it has been a good deal of time since I updated. Um, since the Disney Cruise? I am a very busy momma I have to say. I know that many many many women do way more than me and I have no idea how they do it. That said, I did pick up a job doing medical transcription for some extra bucks and that does take up some of my extra time. Still no excuse for not blogging because it is such an important way for me to get news out and keep track of things for myself!

Trig's growth has been a major part of this blog, so I will start with that.

On December 6, 2012 he was 29lbs 0oz, and 37.87 inches. Fifth percentile for weight but 13th for height! We were very pleased.

Then April 4, 2013 he was 33lbs 8oz and 39 inches. 24th percentile for weight and 17th for height. VERY pleased.

We noticed little things - like this year at the San Antonio Rodeo carnival, he was able to ride rides that only a year before he wasn't able to ride at way below 36 inches. Then of course there is his brother who was also able to ride at 17months younger than him, but he was BARELY 36 inches and many rides gave us a hard time (but later let him ride).

We've had a good year. Christmas was great - the kids got way too many fun toys and had so much fun having so much family there to visit with and play with. Trig's birthday party was at Minitown this year and it was wonderful, he had so many good friends come and play. And now here we are looking at the end of the school year! Trig and Grayson have now completed their first year at UUMC and Trig will be entering the Pre-K four year olds class (5 days a week this fall, yikes!) and Grayson will be entering the 3 year olds class three times a week just like Trig did this past year (provided that he is completely potty trained by then!!!). We will miss our teachers this summer but we are signed up for summer school at the school we attended first (they have a summer program, yay!) for 6 weeks during the summer. In two weeks, we are headed to Rockport as we do every year, and we'll be there for a whole week! It should be a lot of fun. The kids will enjoy the adventure and it is so nice having family around to play with.

The kids are just growing up too fast. They ask me silly questions all the time! One of the favorite themes is asking me about the future - "What are we doing tomorrow?" and I will tell him that we are going to school. Then Trig will say "What are we doing after school?". He seems to remember fairly well and the older he gets, the more aggreeable he is to change if for some reason we do something different. Grayson has started to ask those same questions but I think it is only because Trig asks them - he really doesn't seem to care one way or another what my answer is!

Speaking of Trig being more easygoing, we really did have a hard time with him for awhile. He was angry ALL the time and we couldn't figure out how to please him. I was actually really worried for awhile that some kind of intervention was needed because he was throwing giant tantrums at school, too. But friends reassured me that it was a phase, and apparently, it was! He's doing so much better now. For us, the twos weren't terrible, it was the threes! And then Trig turned four, and he's nowhere near perfect but the little tiny things don't bother him as much as they used to and he's overall more easygoing.

Grayson is a wonderful loving little boy. Today was the last day of school and the teachers wrote us a note saying goodbye and they commented on how much Grayson likes to hug and kiss them. He really is just a sweet boy. That said, he has SO much energy. He takes a really long big nap and sleeps well at night but when he is awake, he just doesn't stop! It's a lot of fun. At the end of school year party today, Trig's teacher saw Grayson and said "Boy, you must be busy. You have your hands full." and she is sooooo incredibly correct.

So now school is out and I have a month of them without school - so mommy is going to be a little tired and the house is going to be messy but it will be fun. I miss them when they are at school and now, good or bad, they are ALL MINE for awhile!

Going to try to update this blog more often, but I guess I always say that!